The Dangers Of Planting Trees Too Close To Your Home

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For a variety of reasons, trees can make a huge difference to your property. Floridians in Pinellas County, Florida, know that trees can shade homes during hot summer days and increase curb appeal. Unfortunately, they can also pose a danger to your home during severe weather like hurricanes.

If you’re selling your house or you have just moved in and want to personalize the landscape, you might consider planting a tree. Trees can enhance your outdoor space and provide shade for people outside, especially children who love to play outside.

You’ll need to plan before you dig or hire a company.

* Plan ahead Planning is essential. You’ll need to think about how big your tree will grow once it’s fully grown. Avoid planting trees near power lines or in other potentially dangerous areas. Be sure to check that the tree doesn’t block solar panels in your home.

* Select High Quality Trees A tree is an investment. It’s worth spending the time to do thorough research on any tree or palm tree that you decide to purchase. A high-quality tree is worth the investment. It is important that the tree be healthy and comes from a reliable supplier.

* Provide Adequate Space for Root Growth This is crucial. You must take into account the root size, depending on which tree you choose. It is not a good idea to plant trees too close to your house. A tree should not be planted too close to sidewalks or other walkways. Large trees need space for root growth. Stairs and foundations can be damaged, which can lead to roots twisting as they grow. Certain trees may be affected by twists and turns in their root system. This can cause trees to lose stability and could lead to hurricane damage.

* Plant in groups if possible Trees planted in groups are more resilient to severe weather. It is a good idea to plant trees and shrubs that have similar growth requirements together. Planting trees and shrubs together can create a stunning focal point for your property in Pinellas County, Florida.

* Location Matters – Trees strategically planted can help to cool your home in the summer and keep it warm in winter. It is a good idea to plant deciduous trees along the south, east, and west sides of your house in order to provide shade during summer, and to allow for warmth in winter. Shaded houses can help lower cooling costs. Your HVAC system outdoor compressor/condenser unit will use less energy if it is in shade.

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