LEGO Gundam headlines the best Ideas in June

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After seeing the new LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet announced and then go up for sale earlier in the month, we’re now taking a look at what the rest of the fan-inspired side of the LEGO world has in-store. For June, we’re taking a look at what the best LEGO Ideas have to offer including a brick-built Gundam, highly-detailed Italian Riviera, and more.

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LEGO Gundam headlines all of June’s best Ideas

Earlier this year, we saw one of the most iconic giant robots in all of pop culture get the brick-built treatment with the new Optimus Prime set from earlier in the month. In what seemed like a long time coming from Hasbro and the LEGO Group, builder legotruman is imagining a similarly eagerly-awaited collaboration as an Ideas campaign. Bringing Bandai’s signature Gundam into LEGO form, the project imagines the robot that started it all with the original RX-78-2.

In its current form, this model stands over 18 inches tall and recreates the white, blue, and red Gundam with plenty of articulated joins and authentic details. Whether we’d see this released as some form of Creator Expert-style set like Optimus Prime or more of a playset with included figures, it would be a epic to see the poster child of mecha get the same treatment as other icons like Voltron and the leader of the Autobots.

The LEGO Gundam project just hit Ideas earlier in June and has already amassed over 1,900 supporters. That gives the campaign nearly 580 days to secure the rest, so hopefully it won’t be long before we this one make it into the next review round.

Support the LEGO Gundam on LEGO Ideas now

Italian Riviera is packed with details

Alongside giving pop culture icons a chance at making it as the next fan-made LEGO set, the Ideas platform is also notable for letting builders shine with their impressive and display-worthy models. Creator Galaxy333, who is no stranger to making projects that have hit the required 10,000-supporter milestone in the past, is the perfect embodiment of this mindset. This time around, their new Italian Riviera just hit the LEGO Ideas platform halfway through June and is already gaining tracking.

And for such good reason! The build is packed with such an impressive amount of intricate details, all of which stack up to assemble three shops inspired by the Italian town of Cinque Terre. Included in the plaza diorama is a gelato shop, florist, and fish market, all of which are bustling with minifigure activity and unique parts usage that really brings the scene to life.

So far, the project has already neared the 1,900-supporter mark, giving it almost 600 days to ensure it achieves the rest. But given the builder’s track record, we’re all but sure to see this one be officially considered to be a set sometime down the line.

Support the Italian Riviera on LEGO Ideas now

LEGO Ideas go retro in June with Vintage Service Station

Having just narrowly missed our previous installment of the best LEGO Ideas from last month, we’d be remiss without giving this Vintage Service Station some love in our June showcase. The model designed by MOCturnal imagines an old school car service shop with all of the retro flair you’d expect. If the building itself with the signature vintage design you’d expect wasn’t enough, all of the old school cars really sell the model.

I am also a huge fan of some of the smaller aspects of the potential kit, with the inclusion of the Octan logo on the sign being a highlight, but also things like the retro cola machine make this quite the eye-catching model. Other LEGO fans seem to agree, as this project has already passed 3,000 supporters and is well on its way to hit the necessary 10,000 before the next 575 days run out.

Support the Vintage Service Station on LEGO Ideas now

Future LEGO Ideas kits to look forward to

Alongside these three creations that are hoping to become official sets someday, June also saw something of a record number of new projects reach the 10,000-supporter milestone on LEGO Ideas. Here are all of the projects that were locked in for June:

As always, if you’d like to someday bring any of these creations highlighted in the best LEGO Ideas for February to your own collection, be sure to head over to each of the projects’ pages to give your vote of support. And, if you’d like to submit your own LEGO Idea for us to feature, be sure to go say hi on Twitter

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